Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Black Eye

Look at James' new battle wound! Just to set the record straight, I did not do this to him!! He moved a latter out at the house and a piece of gas pipe on the top fell off and hit him. OUCH He likes to make up all kinds of different stories about how he got this black eye.

This weekend we got all the windows and exterior doors installed on our house! Thanks to our awesome helpers Casey, Jared, Dad, Bob and Gary!! It took all five of the guys to lift that huge window into place on the back of the house. Thank you so much we couldn't have did it without you! The house is looking great, we hope to start stucco and insulation this week! We will see how the inspection goes on Monday!

1 comment:

The Bates said...

Ha Ha Casey was telling me about this but he said he never got the real story!! You should be nicer to him Brit..:)