Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 months

I really cannot believe that Jaylee will be six months this week!! She is growing up really fast. She can sit unsupported for about a minute. She is still not wanting to eat any solid foods. She gags on rice cereal and I have tried several baby food veggies and fruits and she won't even open her mouth after the first bite. After the first bite of baby food green beans she threw up about an hour later! So I'm just waiting for her to be readyon her own time for solids. She loves her sister Sheridyn, she has this mischievous smile that she only does for Sheridyn. She swats at everything and of course is putting everything she gets her hands on in her mouth! She loves to watch me blow dry my hair, it is so funny she gets so excited about it. She also loves the sound of running water and baths. Jaylee is such a precious blessing to our family. I love her so much. Here are some fun pics I took of her the other day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010


AAAHH nap time!! I have finally got Sheridyn and Jaylee to have their nap at the same time!! Well Jaylee has 3 naps a day still but the longest on is at 2:00 with Sheridyn now! Right now Sheridyn, Jaylee, James and Ty are all asleep, I actually have a couple minutes to myself and honestly I didn't know what to do. So here I am blogging. So Jaylee has discovered her voice in the last couple of weeks. She is such a squealer, today in church I had to leave relief society because she was babbling so loud! I will get a recording of her doing it and post it. It is really the cutest noises I've ever heard but she came get pretty high pitched and loud. I was told she is going to be a singer by one of the ladies in relief society.