Monday, November 12, 2012


New favorite pictures!

Sheridyn started Kindergarten this year!  I had a really hard time sending my little girl to school.  I'm just glad she has an amazing teacher, Kenzie Smith, or it would have been even harder.  Sheridyn loves her and they do so many cute things in their class.  She has made friends really easy and loves to go everyday.  It has been fun for me to have some one on one time with Jaylee too.  I go help in the classroom on Thursdays and I bring Jaylee with me and she just fits right in, she sits on the rug by Sheridyn and participates and all the cute kids in the class know her name. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Prepare for picture overload!
Sorry everybody I haven't blogged all summer!  So there is lots to catch up on.  So if this is all you read just know we had a great summer!
Sheridyn had her spring dance recital.  She was so cute, as always, and did such a great job.  Jaylee also started dance this summer.
We spent lots of summer days up at the Lake on the Hill.  The girls loved to play in the sand and water and we saw a few monarch butterflies up there that they would chase.

 Meet Snow White and Cinderella the newest additions to our family.  The girls played with these two for hours and hours.  Now they have grown up they don't pay much attention to them:(

 More summer fun down in St. George at the outside water park.

 For those of you that don't know Sheridyn is quite the little artist!  She spends lots of time coloring and has won 3 1st place prizes in the last year.   This summer she won the coloring contest for Lady Bug Nursery and got a water gun.

Another favorite thing for us to do in the summer is go to our cabin.  This year we did the big ride over to Rock Candy Mountain.  It was a beautiful atv ride and the girls thought it was pretty cool to see a "candy" mountain.  They even got rock candy to prove it.  lol

 So we got caught in a rain storm without our rain coats.  So here is our "trash family" photo.

4th of July aren't these girls beautiful in their Americana!

This year for swimming lessons was awesome.  Sheridyn and Jaylee are my little fish.  They both would live in the water if I let them!  Sheridyn did so good this year.  She can swim on her back all by herself now and she is getting pretty good on her front too!

My little brother and his cute family moved to Vernal this last year.  So we made a family trip to go see him.  We went to Flaming Gorge and to the dinosaur museum.  It was really fun to go see their nice new house and Jason and Peyton came with us too.

Can you believe Jaylee is 3!!  I can't.  She was soooo excited for her Rapunzel birthday party.  This is the first thing she did out of bed that morning.  We let her open the crown when she woke up.  We had lunch at Wendy's and had her favorite "chicken and fries" then we went to the Aquatic center to swim.   then later that evening we had the party so we could set off a floating lantern in the sky (didn't work).

 Jaylee all dressed up as Rapunzel we barely recognized her with all that blonde hair!

 She didn't want a cake she wanted doughnuts (her favorite) so we made a tower out of them.

 I draped yellow table clothes all through the house so it looked like Rapunzel hair.

 The party turned out great.  She had a really fun day.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project Completed and New Toy

James and I started this cute bunk bed project a few months ago and it is finally complete. The girls love it and I think it turned out pretty good. I would have loved something like this when I was little so I'm so glad my girls can enjoy it for a while. It's nice having such a handy husband that I can show a picture of something I want and he can build if from scratch. LOVE IT!

This is our new toy at our house! We are so excited to have this new RZR 4 it has such an amazing smooth ride and we have had a blast in it. The Bates family got one too so we are twins and so did another one of our friends. My parents upgraded their RZR to the new 900! We are going for a good camping trip this weekend so there will be some fun pics coming!

Here are some other funny pictures I haven't posted on here. Jaylee is combing James's (hair) LOL

We were at a restaurant after a long trip to California (that's why she's in her PJ's) but she was totally drinking salsa through a straw. She loved it! I was thinking I should try to sell this to the restaurant with a sign under it that says, "Yes it's that good!" It was pretty funny!