Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Trampoline +++


I have a few things I need to catch up on! So this is kind of a long blog! We got Sheridyn a trampoline and she loves it! Thanks to the help of my parents and some neighbors we finally got the thing put together!!! She is really enjoying it though, it was definitely worth it LOOK AT THAT HAPPY FACE!


We went over to the Bates house and had a BBQ and the girls played in their kiddie pool. It was a lot of fun, the girls loved it until Casey decided to splash them in the face then they were a little mad. It was pretty fun and good food. Thanks guys!


Here is a picture from Dillon and Heather's wedding that was last weekend. I borrowed it from Amber's blog. You can see all of Tyson's (our brother-in-law) photography at www.chappellshots.com


Sheridyn has been Daddy's little helper with the landscaping for our yard. If he is outside she has to be right behind him doing everything he is.


This is just a fun picture of my little Diva in the back seat! She thinks she is so cool in her sunglasses. I love her new car seat cover too, it just matches her personality!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Awesome Mom

I really have the greatest mom ever! She came over to help me put up some vinyl lettering in Sheridyn's room, because everyone insists that the pregnant girl can't get up on a latter! Anyways, after she did all that she gave me a much needed foot massage. What a wonderful mom! I appreciate everything you do for me and you are always there lending a helping hand. THANK YOU. Look how cute the lettering turned out! I love it! Britt made it for me her blog is www.letterzfromhome.blogspot.com

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend we went up north for my brother-in-law Dillon's wedding. Friday morning we went to the Timpanogas temple where they were sealed. Then we went to a luncheon and Sheridyn got to play with some cousins. Then we went on the tour of the new Oquirrh Temple. It was beautiful the Celestial room is sooooo pretty it is like 40 feet high with this gorgeous chandelier that is about 25 feet long hanging down from the ceiling. Right after that we went to dinner at Olive Garden with our friends Scott and Christie and her sister and fiance. Then after all of that we went back to the motel and went swimming!! It was a pretty long day for all of us. Saturday morning we got up and went to the Zoo. Sheridyn loved it! It rained on us pretty much the whole time, but she could care less. She loved all the monkeys. She wouldn't just say there's a giraffe she would have to say there is a Mommy giraffe or a Baby giraffe. We had fun.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yummy New Recipes

I decided to try some new recipes that I had found on the internet and they both turned out pretty good! I thought I would share them with you guys. I liked them because the ingredients were things that I mostly had in my kitchen anyways. I hate the recipes that have all these weird ingredients that I don't want to go out and buy.

Lasagna Roll Ups

1 lb. ground beef
1 jar (26 oz.) spaghetti sauce
1/4 cup A.1. Original Steak Sauce (optional)
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 cup (8 oz.) ricotta cheese
1/2 cup KRAFT Grated Parmesan Cheese, divided
9 lasagna noodles, cooked, drained
2 cups KRAFT Shredded Low-Moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese, divided

PREHEAT oven to 350°F. Brown meat in skillet on medium-high heat; drain. Combine spaghetti sauce and steak sauce. Remove half of the sauce mixture; stir into meat in skillet. Set remaining sauce mixture aside for later use.

MIX egg, ricotta cheese and 1/4 cup of the Parmesan cheese. Spread each noodle with 2 heaping tablespoonfuls of the ricotta mixture. Top evenly with a scant 1/4 cup meat mixture and 2 heaping Tbsp. mozzarella cheese. Roll up each noodle, starting at one of the short ends. Place in greased 8-inch square baking dish. Pour remaining sauce mixture over noodles. Sprinkle with the remaining Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses; cover with foil.

BAKE 45 min. or until hot and bubbly.

I found that recipe on www.kraftfoods.com

Crock Pot BBQ Chicken

  • 3 chicken breasts (or 2-4 depending on your preference)
  • one 12 oz. bottle bbq sauce (that's 1 1/2 cups)
  • 1/2 cup Italian dressing (I prefer Kraft Italian)
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 T Worcestershire sauce
  • Rice to put bbq chicken on (unless you'd prefer to have it on a salad or in a white corn tortilla wrap)


1. Put everything in crockpot and cook on low 6-8 hours (or high 3-4).
2. Shred chicken when there's 15-30 minutes left and put back in crockpot.

I found that recipe on http://gloriousgloriousfood.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Buy

Just look how cute it is!! I found this lady on ebay that makes these covers for your car seats. I got one made for Sheridyn's seat too. You get to choose your colors and style and she makes them. It has that extra soft minky material on it! I just love it!

Friday, June 5, 2009

3D Movie

Last weekend we went to the new 3D Disney movie "Up" It was really cute. Sheriydn wore her glasses all of 10 minutes for the movie but she still liked it. We went with my friend Mary and her little girl Lainey and her cousins Rhett, Rachel and Bryce and my mom. When we first got to the movie Bryce was saving Sheridyn a seat, and he was so excited to see her. I think he is her first admirer. He is always taking care of her when she is around, he made sure she had popcorn and he tried to keep her wearing her glasses. It was really funny.
James got a new tent for a camping trip he went on last weekend. He wanted to make sure it was all okay so he set it up in the family room. Sheridyn loved it, she had everyone of her stuffed animals and blankets and pillows and she played in there for hours.