Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We had so much fun at Disneyland! We went to California for 5 days. I was really dreading the drive all the way from Utah to Cali but the girls were great. We left at 4 in the morning on Wednesday so that they would sleep most of the trip there. Thursday and Friday we went to Disneyland and had a blast. Sheridyn loved seeing all the characters and dressing up as Cinderella. I have never had Sheridyn so tired that she was asking to go have a nap! Jaylee was the perfect baby and loved going on the rides. Saturday we went to Huntington Beach and played in the sand. Sheridyn loved the ocean and looking for seashells. Then Sunday morning we went back to Disneyland for a couple hours before we headed home. It was the perfect time to go we walked on almost every ride and didn't have to wait in a huge line to see Mickey and Minnie. We really had a great vacation.
Everyone loved these cute Minnie Mouse ears! We got compliments everywhere that they wore them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Dress Pictures

These pictures are a little late, but the weather has been so unpredictable here so I had to wait for a nice day. I just love these two girls so much. Getting them all dressed up is one of my favorite things to do. These are the dresses that the Easter Bunny brought them. Don't they look adorable!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kane Beds

This last weekend we went camping down to the Kane Beds by Coral Pink Sand Dunes. It was soooo nice I got sunburned!!! My parents got a new Razor 800 it was so much fun. It felt like we were in a race car. James' brother Gerry and Jill came out with their kids for an afternoon and we went and saw the dinosaur tracks and played in the sand. It was a great trip and really nice to get our of the bad weather in Cedar!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have a lot to catch up on! I can't believe it's been a month since I was on here last. Time is just flying and I don't have a second to do anything! So Jaylee is now 8 months old!! I really can not believe how fast she is growing up. This last month she has learned to sit unsupported. She says Dada and she still says Mama sometimes when she is crying. She loves to pull my hair and put it in her face (hope she grows out of that stage soon or I won't have any hair left) And most importantly she is finally EATING! Like 3 weeks ago she just decided that she was finally ready to eat food. She doesn't want mushy stuff though, she wants little chunks of real food. She is such a sweet heart and loves to smile and laugh.

So Easter was fun. This is the first Easter with Sheridyn that we have ever stayed home. We are usually out camping at the sand dunes. Sheridyn was so excited for the Easter bunny to come. She put her stool up next to the window so she could keep checking outside to see if the Easter bunny had came yet. We waited till the afternoon for the hunt so it would be a little warmer. It was really fun. Then we went to my parent's house and had a yummy Easter dinner and played games and of course we did the "grown ups" Easter egg hunt that is a tradition in my family. I of course threw my little brother Colton's shoes out over the deck so that I could get a head start on the eggs. We really have a blast beating each other to the eggs and playing like we are kids again.