Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Yes, I know you are all jealous. I did get some fun in the sun over President's day weekend. My family went to Dumont Dunes in California. This is our third year in a row going to Dumont and we love it. This year our friends Casey and Mary and their little girl came with us. It was really fun to have them there. The sand dunes there are HUGE and we can't get enough of it.

Wednesday night we stayed over in Mesquite and had dinner at the Virgin River Casino. Sheridyn is all decked out in her Valentine's day outfit.

Then we traveled the rest of the way to Dumont the next morning. We got there and it was like 65 degrees and it was so nice. We played on the sand all day. Then when we woke up it was still pretty nice but it was a little windy so we mostly played at the camp.
We bought Sheridyn so baby goggles down there surprisingly she left them on for a little while. I know they help keep the sand out of her eyes.
But when we woke up of Saturday it was beautiful again and we played, played, played. It was so nice to get out of the snow and have fun. It gave me a little "Spring Fever" though, and when we came home to snow I was sad.

Here is a cute pic of Sheridyn and Lainey having their Valentine cookies before we left to Dumont. They are so cute together and play so good.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

CPCS Update

This is a link to the updates they have made on the lead law. Now they are saying that resellers are not affected by this law as long as you are not trying to sale an item that has been recalled. That definitely clarifies SOME parts of the new law. Still small businesses like my Baby Blossom Biz, the update does not clarify a lot of questions that I have. Hopefully this lead law just doesn't get out of control. I will keep us all updated as it progresses. I'm just glad they put a hold on the law for now, so that they can clarify things!!!! Hopefully.....

Oh and a cute pic of some of the new Valentine items on my website www.babyblossom.biz If anyone local wants to order one, just email me at babyblossombiz@gmail.com that way you won't have to pay shipping! The ribbon and bow on the beanies are detachable making it so you can interchange with flowers or other bows.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sheridyn's New Do & Mad at Congress

I'm so excited Sheridyn's hair is finally getting long enough to play with! We have been waiting for 2 years! She is so patient with me and lets me play with it and do all sorts of things. Today we tried something new and thought it turned out pretty cute. I'm also so excited that her hair is so curly I just love it. I found this fun blog that has lots of girl hair do's, of course Sheridyn's hair is way too short for most of them but some work for now. The blog is

by the way, when you go to her blog scroll down to the very bottom of her first page and read about the "February 10th" issue. Luckily they have put this law on hold for another year for revisions, but still we need to fight it! I along with many many others will be out of business, due to the costs of lead testing. The law is very outrages and would make it so you couldn't even sale your used baby items in a garage sale without having it tested for lead which costs 100's of dollars per item! Everyone needs to fight the Consumer Product Safety Commission on this law from passing even if you don't have a baby store. It affects everybody, and prices for baby items are going to skyrocket!!! I can't believe that congress would try to pass something this crazy, especially during such hard times for everyone right now. I understand the concern of lead in some baby toys that are from China, but to have every item (even material, thread, ribbon etc.) that is handmade here in America have to be tested for lead is crazy. The only way to let ourselves be heard to is write our congressman, Jim Matheson. Here is the website to do that


Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Dance Lesson

Sheridyn started dance classes
Sheridyn had her first dance lesson on Wednesday. She was so excited to wear her tutu that I made her and "twirl." She was a little timid at first but then she got into it. She was having a lot of fun until one of the other girls accidentally hit her when she was doing a turn and then she was done. She said she had fun though and she wants to go next week! She was so cute and she actually caught on to the moves pretty good.

Ty had a hair cut!

He has needed one pretty bad for the last couple of months, here are the before and afters. We had to put a sweater on him though because he was shaking like crazy.