Sunday, January 17, 2010


AAAHH nap time!! I have finally got Sheridyn and Jaylee to have their nap at the same time!! Well Jaylee has 3 naps a day still but the longest on is at 2:00 with Sheridyn now! Right now Sheridyn, Jaylee, James and Ty are all asleep, I actually have a couple minutes to myself and honestly I didn't know what to do. So here I am blogging. So Jaylee has discovered her voice in the last couple of weeks. She is such a squealer, today in church I had to leave relief society because she was babbling so loud! I will get a recording of her doing it and post it. It is really the cutest noises I've ever heard but she came get pretty high pitched and loud. I was told she is going to be a singer by one of the ladies in relief society.


Brandy and Marv said...

Hey- your little girls are so cute- I found your bolg not too long ago too! It is fun to see what people are up to that you don't see very often- Gotta love silly little girls!I am in the releif society presidency and we often have to go out in the hall because of that very reason- or of course crying-
You have a super cute family!

The Andersens said...

oh how cute is she!! what a little doll... I know what you mean about getting a schedule down. we are still working on that one, but it gets better everyday!! When should we have our date night???

Laura said...

You should NEVER leave Relief Society again because of her babbling . . . . it is so sweet and I LOVE hearing it! :)