Saturday, February 27, 2010

Roberts Crafts

To all my Cedar City friends:Maybe you have heard that Roberts Crafts in Cedar City is planning to close in April due to their lease being up and wanting to consolidate a few stores. Cedar City can't afford to lose another store that is vital to our community! We are asking that everyone e-mail the Corporate Headquarters asking them to reconsider their decision. The link to the website is listed below. Thank you for your support!

We really need a craft store here, we really won't have anywhere in Cedar to buy cute scrapbooking items and I buy so much of my supplies for my business there. I really don't want to take all my business to St. George. I remember when I was little and my mom took me to the Saturday kids craft projects at Roberts. I was looking forward to doing that with my girls. It makes me so sad they are closing.

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Natster said...

I just commented. They must stay open! Is any from the city council writing them?