Monday, April 12, 2010

Kane Beds

This last weekend we went camping down to the Kane Beds by Coral Pink Sand Dunes. It was soooo nice I got sunburned!!! My parents got a new Razor 800 it was so much fun. It felt like we were in a race car. James' brother Gerry and Jill came out with their kids for an afternoon and we went and saw the dinosaur tracks and played in the sand. It was a great trip and really nice to get our of the bad weather in Cedar!


midRae said...

I love Sheridyn's curls. And I am so jealous that you went camping.

The Bates said...

Aw I wish we could have came! Instead we spent Sat night in the hospital...glad you guys had fun...hope this kid will come out soon so we can join ya again!!

The Andersens said...

Cute pictures!! Looks like tons of fun :)