Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The thoughts of a 3 year old

We were sitting outside watching the clouds and this is what our conversation went like today.

Sheridyn: "Mom I want to live with Jesus in the clouds."
Me: "When we get really really old and then we die we get to go live with Jesus."
Sheridyn: "But I want to go live with Jesus now."
Me: "Well you are not really really old so you can't yet."
Sheridyn: (Pause) "I have a good idea, we can go put on really old clothes!"

HAHA How do they come up with this stuff. She is constantly saying fun things I am going to try to be better at documenting them so I can remember this cute stage of her life.


Lori said...

She is always coming up with something about living with Jesus. I think that is so cute. Love you Sher Bear!!!

Jeanette + Cason said...

That is so sweet!

The Andersens said...

Oh she is so cute!! I love it when kids talk about Jesus... So SO sweet.

Brittney said...

So cute! Thanks again for coming to the party last week. Kaylee is still talking about playing with Sheridyn in the bouncy house! We'll for sure get together when all the vacation craziness dies down!