Sunday, November 2, 2008


I thought that Sheridyn would enjoy Halloween this year. I was wrong, she didn't like her costume very much so she didn't want to put it on and this just started a night of tantrums. She wasn't interested in getting candy from anyone and she didn't let James and I put her down. So we made it to about 5 houses around the neighborhood and took her to my parents house. She wasn't enjoying herself so we decided to go to Chili's for dinner. Bad choice she was so mad at us, so we hurried and ate and went home. Oh well maybe next year. Saturday was a blast though, James and I went to a fun Halloween Party at Cory and Katie's house. We ate great food and played Halloween Bingo, Newly Wed Game, Rockband and Wee. We were pretty much there all night! Thank you Katie for the great time!



Joslyn said...

Sheridyn's costume is so cute!

Jason & Karen said...

Your pictures are so stinkin cute!! Ok so I just looked at your website and I was thinking... What if we just do 2 head bands and three flowers? I like the hot pink flowers and just whatever else you think! I also like the brown crochet head band and then what ever one you think is cute! Thanks a ton!!! I can't wait too see them and we will for sure plan something fun ok!?

Scott said...

Looking good James. Did she get you to shave your legs as well?jk Hey we won't be down for Thanksgiving but we will be down for Christmas. We plan on going snowboarding (we started a Christmas tradition) and you guys are more than welcome to come. Let us know.

Lori said...

The section on Sheridyn turning 2 is so dang cute. You need to get a picture with her and the new "FIS" ha ha I can't wait until you come in one of these days and she has the fish in her hand saying, "Look ma ma"