Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yeah Drywall

It's been a crazy week at the Hoyt house as usual! We started our rock on our house this last Saturday. We got about half way done. Hopefully we will get another warm weekend like Saturday was, so we can get it finished this weekend. We really like how the rock looks. Our house is getting closer to being done! At least the outside should be done before it gets too cold!

The Drywallers are almost finished. They will be completely done this Friday! It makes the house look so much different! It looks like a house finally.
This is Sheridyn's new friend JT he is our next door neighbor. He is so cute with her and helps her down stairs and plays really good with her. I thought this pic was so cute of them.


The Bates said...

Wow it looks so good I really like the outside! I am so excited for you guys and jealous! Let us know if you need anymore help!


I have noticed all your hard work. The house is looking great. It's coming along. when do you think it will be ready to move into?

The Bates said...

Hey Brit...Yeah I dont mind if you take some picts...take what you want! Lain was pretty sad about her bird...she still asks,"bird back mom?" and I have to remind her it died...Oh and she would love a dog! But I keep telling her and casey not till we sell our house and get into our new one! I dont want to try to find a place to live with it! :)
My little sister just started teaching dance in st george and she comes up here once a week to give lainey and rachel "private" dance lessons...in my basement...she said she would love to teach Sheridyn to if you wanted her to...she does it monday afternoons at about 4:00 just at my house.
I cant wait till your house is done to we need to get together!

The Robinson Family said...

Awesome House! I am so excited for you guys. I kind of miss working on a house like that. Sheridyn is sooo cute too! She is growing up so fast. Thanks for the update!

Kate said...

I just love your blog. Your little girl is getting so big. How old is she now? I bet you are excited to get your house done. It is so great when it starts looking like a house with dry wall. Good luck!! We miss you.