Saturday, February 7, 2009

CPCS Update

This is a link to the updates they have made on the lead law. Now they are saying that resellers are not affected by this law as long as you are not trying to sale an item that has been recalled. That definitely clarifies SOME parts of the new law. Still small businesses like my Baby Blossom Biz, the update does not clarify a lot of questions that I have. Hopefully this lead law just doesn't get out of control. I will keep us all updated as it progresses. I'm just glad they put a hold on the law for now, so that they can clarify things!!!! Hopefully.....

Oh and a cute pic of some of the new Valentine items on my website If anyone local wants to order one, just email me at that way you won't have to pay shipping! The ribbon and bow on the beanies are detachable making it so you can interchange with flowers or other bows.

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