Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

I got some cute Easter pictures of Sheridyn!

Decorating Easter Eggs.We are headed to the sand dunes for the weekend! Hopefully we won't get to wet. It should be fun even if we have to hang out in the trailer for most of the time!


The Andersens said...

oh my gosh she is so dang cute!!! im so excited we are having our babies so close to each other!! they will go to school with each other :) cute!


Her pictures turned out so good:) She is such a sweetie! I feel so dumb by the way. I totally invited myself to Bunko for next month even though I'm not really part of Bunko. Anyway your so sweet to invite me the last 2 times and I had a lot of fun. Your such a great friend and I'm so glad we have been able to hang out more:)