Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3D Ultrasound

Yesterday was so fun! We went to St. George and had a 3D ultrasound done. The baby was so active and she let us have a couple of good pics of her! We had one of these done on Sheridyn and after she was born I looked back at the 3D pics of her and I could see the resemblance. I'm so excited! Sheridyn was so funny during the ultrasound. I had been telling her all day that we were going to take pictures of Baby Jaylee in Mommy's belly. So when we got there she said, "Say Cheese Baby Jaylee." It was so cute we all started laughing. After we were all done the lady printed out a picture of the baby just for Sheridyn.

At the first of the ultrasound she was putting her hand in front of her face. It was like she knew we wanted a picture of her! You can see her arm and her hand with four perfect little fingers covering her face.

Then she finally showed us! I know that these are a little hard to tell but this is a close up of her face. You can see her nose and eye and lips.
This one you can see her jaw line but she was moving her lips when they took the pic so it's kind of muffled around them, but she has both her hands up by her face. During the ultrasound she kept sucking her thumb.

This pic is of her body. You can't see her face, but you can see her interlaced fingers and her arm and leg.


Lori said...

Oh Baby Jaylee!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!! I'm so excited. She looks a little different than Sheridyn's 3D did. I thought when we looked at her in the hospital one that both girls looked alot alike but now I can see that Jaylee will have her own little look! Yeah!!!!!! Love, Grandma

The Bates said...

So Cute how fun! I didnt get to get one of those of lainey but we for sure will on the next kid!

Amber Chappell said...

Ahhh...my newest niece to be. She's a looker! Of course, how could she not be? Brit's gorgeous and James got all the looks in our family (maybe not all the hair, but the looks for sure! He, he, he!) A thumbsucker though. Good luck with that. All of mine suck their thumb and it's impossible to stop. Actually...Zack finally had a retainer and that was the miracle cure! Can't wait to see baby Jaylee in person!

midRae said...

Congrats!!! I found your blog today and saw your news. I am so excited for you guys. I keep telling Todd that we need to come over and see your house. We drove by one day but it didn't look like anybody was home. I think I will just have to come over on my own. I am so excited for you and I really miss you. Love ya.

The Bates said...

Of Course you can, use whatever you want!! I dont mind one bit!! Let me know when would be a good day to do hers and we will take them...Talk to ya soon!

The Robinson Family said...

Britt! How fun is this! I love these ultrasounds. They are so amazing. I wish I knew when we were going to be down in Southern Utah again. I will be sure to let you know when we are headed that way. I hope you are doing well with the pregnancy. We miss you guys too!