Friday, June 5, 2009

3D Movie

Last weekend we went to the new 3D Disney movie "Up" It was really cute. Sheriydn wore her glasses all of 10 minutes for the movie but she still liked it. We went with my friend Mary and her little girl Lainey and her cousins Rhett, Rachel and Bryce and my mom. When we first got to the movie Bryce was saving Sheridyn a seat, and he was so excited to see her. I think he is her first admirer. He is always taking care of her when she is around, he made sure she had popcorn and he tried to keep her wearing her glasses. It was really funny.
James got a new tent for a camping trip he went on last weekend. He wanted to make sure it was all okay so he set it up in the family room. Sheridyn loved it, she had everyone of her stuffed animals and blankets and pillows and she played in there for hours.


The Bates said...

YEah Casey didnt think our closet incident was to funny!! Let do something this weekend!!

Tiffany Webber said...

Fun! Is that movie good? It looks cute. I use Photo Shop Elements for all my digital scrapbook pages. I used a kit called "Built Boy Tough" for that page. It's a kit from Scrappin Daisies at Brownie Scraps. I'm on their Creative Team. You can check it out on my scrapbook blog here