Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Awesome Mom

I really have the greatest mom ever! She came over to help me put up some vinyl lettering in Sheridyn's room, because everyone insists that the pregnant girl can't get up on a latter! Anyways, after she did all that she gave me a much needed foot massage. What a wonderful mom! I appreciate everything you do for me and you are always there lending a helping hand. THANK YOU. Look how cute the lettering turned out! I love it! Britt made it for me her blog is


The Bates said...

Oh I love it! It looks so dang cute!! What a sweet Mamma you have!!

The Andersens said...

oh i love Lori!!! she is so cute... and Sheridyns room looks darling!!!

Lori said...

You are so sweet Brit and I love you sooooooo much!!! It was fun putting up the letters and we'll do another foot message another day too!!! Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter to me and for everything that you do for me!!!!!!!!!!!!