Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blessing Pics

I finally got around to taking some pictures of Jaylee in her blessing dress! She wore the same dress that I was blessed in. I thought it was special, I'm so happy my mom kept things like that around! I have a couple other baby doll dresses that my mom saved from the 80's and I think they are so cute. I have a vintage baby:) J/K I took some fun pics of Sheridyn and Jaylee in their matching clothes. I love the way green looks on these girls with their pretty blue eyes. I just couldn't stop taking pictures. I had to finally stop after bribing Sheridyn with popsicles for too long and she wasn't interested anymore.

I absolutely love this picture! It looks like they are laughing at each other. Jaylee loves to smile at Sheridyn and I just happened to catch it!

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Amber Chappell said...

Love the pictures! It's nice to have such cuties to photograph huh!