Friday, September 11, 2009

Smiles & Kisses

Jaylee started smiling this week! It was on Labor Day after the parade and my mom was holding her and she smiled at her. I got a picture of it!! Then the next day I took a video of her doing it. I also posted some other fun things that I've been meaning to put on here.

We went to DQ with some friends and Sheridyn and Lainey were not very sure about "The Boy" (Jordan) they were leaning as far away as possible from him and Sheridyn was "protecting" Lainey from him. It was really funny we laughed about it the whole time.

Sheridyn and James slept out on the trampoline the other night. It was really fun we set up the little TV out there and ate popcorn and watched a movie. I loved times like this when I was growing up.

This is soooo funny. Sheridyn thinks that Jaylee is giving her kisses!! How sweet.


midRae said...

Adorable and precious. :) I wish I had one, maybe not me, but maybe me as Grandma. They are so cute.

Angela (Turner) Howland said...

You have such adorable little girls all cute in their dresses and bows. :) Gotta love little baby smiles and "kisses!"


Oh my heck she was really smiling how cute. She has a darling little smile. I love the kisses that is so stinkin funny. hahaha I bet sheridyn just loves it. Tonight was fun and Nate actually had fun which really suprised me haha he is so hard to please sometimes. I'm so glad our husbands get along and like eachother that never happens.

Braden and Jodee said...

Oh that video is too cute!!

The Andersens said...

Such a CUTE video!!!! She is darling Brit..