Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cabin Trip

Wow the mountain was soooo beautiful this weekend. James had a muzzle loader tag but he got his deer the first day! James never does that! He always waits to find a bigger deer and then we rarely end up with one. But he shot a nice 4x6 up on the mountain opening day. So we went up to our cabin and just relaxed, the weather was perfect and the trees were so pretty and yellow! Jaylee was an angel as usual. We just had a great time. We got a good load of wood on Friday with my Grandpa Coates the first day. Then that night my parents came up and we watched a movie. The next morning James and my dad went and got another good load of wood, while my mom, the girls and I just played at the cabin. We took rides in the truck looking at all the beautiful scenery and just really enjoyed ourselves.
I carved the girls name in a tree by the cabin.



How fun!! We are taking Jordan to the zoo tommorrow. I am way excited. Wow it is pretty up there too maybe Nate and I should take a drive and snap some family photos:) I was going to tell you Mary wants to do applesauce too so maybe we could all get together and do it. That would be fun.

The Bates said...

Aw that looks so fun! Joey ended up not moving this weekend she is starting moving today so dang we should have come up and visited ya! Well we miss you guys we havent gotten together forever so we should sometime this week...go get maggie moos or something!!

Laura said...

Sounds fun! Glad you had a good time! :)