Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Carseat Canopy

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to show you a couple of my new Carseat Canopies! They are the best. They help keep the germs out and keep the sun and wind off your baby. The bows come off so you can interchange them with different bows or put them in your little girls hair. The best part about this is that it turns into a nursing cover! Go to my website at www.babyblossom.biz and you can see all the different designs! There are more coming soon!


Amber Chappell said...

Hey Britt, the carseat canopies are really cute. Almost makes me want to have another baby...not quite though! We are hoping to come down this weekend for Jaylee's blessing so we'll see you then!

The Bates said...

AHH so cute I want one!!