Monday, February 13, 2012

Ok I am soooo far behind! I haven't blogged since the end of the August! So pretty much you guys are going to get a LOT of pictures and some brief descriptions. I will try to do better in the future!
Cedar Mountain we took a break from cutting wood and let the girls ride some horses it was so cute they loved it!

We got some new family pics done! They turned out so great thanks to Mary Bates at Simple Moments Portraits! Thanks.

Sheridyn did the cheer camp at Cedar High School and performed for the first quarter of the Homecoming game.

Jaylee on the side lines watching and wishing she was big enough to cheer too.

James turned the big 30!! It was a really fun day we decorated up his truck with black balloons too! So mean I know. Then the whole fam went to dinner after and they gave him a hard time there too!

My birthday! We had dinner at Costa!

One of my Bday presents was tickets to Thriller at the Tuacahn! It was soooo fun! I've never been before and I loved it, I will make it a goal to go to a show every year now.

Happy Halloween! Sheridyn was Strawberry Shortcake and Jaylee was a scarecrow or "coco cake" is what she called herself. The weather was so nice for Halloween this year and the girls loved trick or treating.

Halloween Bunko!
Our annual couples Halloween party was so great this year. Dani let us use the Zumba studio so we got to invite more friends. We played minute to win it games and had so yummy food. Everyone looked awesome.
Pumpkin Fest

ZOMBIE ZUMBA! What a blast!

My Mom took the girls and I to Disney on Ice this year. The girls (and me) loved it. Even Jaylee didn't move through the whole show. We had a wonderful time.

Sheridyn turned 5! I really can't believe I have a 5 year old. WOW. We had a Fancy Nancy Tea Party. We played tea party, painted our fingernails, danced, and decorated castles. The girls had a great time.


Rainbow theme

My friend Jamie's little girl had a birthday party the day of our Safari Zumba so we got our faces painted at the party! Don't we look awesome.
I took some cute pics of my parents!

Sheridyn's dance recital. Look at those eyes! She did such a great job.

Sheridyn won first place for the Christmas coloring contest! She won a $25 Quizno's gift card and fed the whole family dinner. SWEET!

When we got there we didn't plan it but all the girls had the same shirt on. LOL

Worthen family ugly sweater Christmas party! It was really fun. James sweater had a button you push and the lights on the antlers flash it was pretty funny!

Santa came to Sheridyn's preschool he was so great. Jaylee wouldn't sit on the Santa's lap at the Festival of Trees but this one she liked. So cute!

Cookies for Santa!

Christmas morning! Sheridyn told Santa she wanted a big pink ball for Christmas. So this is what she got. When she ran into the living room that morning she jumped right on the ball and bounced right off face first! It was pretty funny, luckily she didn't get hurt but she was a little more cautious getting on it again!
Jaylee and her cousin Maddy. These two generally don't get along too well so it's rare to get a pic of them hugging!
Fur Real kitties were their other fun gift from Santa.

Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year we got to get ready and go to church. So nice to have a cute picture of us on Christmas. Usually they are all of us in our PJ's!!

Sorry this was the longest post in history! If you made it this far congrats! I will post more often.


Bates Photography said...

So cute I'll be stealing some of these I dont have copies of!

Lori said...

Yay :) some blogging posts to look at again. Loved every minute of it!