Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and Sheridyn's Birthday

Wow what a busy week! So for Thanksgiving we went to the Hoyt family side. Which we do every year because James loves to play in the "Turkey Tournament." It is a basketball tournament for the Valley High School Alumni. Their team played really well. They won two of their games and barely lost one by a point right at the buzzer! We had a lot of fun with James' family and had great Thanksgiving dinner. James also had his 10 year reunion but he had to go stag because I was sick :( I was sad I couldn't go, but he said he had fun. I had to steal this pics from Amber's blog because I forgot my camera! Hope that's ok!

This is James and two of his brothers Jason and Dillon.

Then on Monday Sheridyn turned 4!! I really can not believe she is already 4 years old. It was so much fun. We decided to have 2 different parties. One on Monday night was for the family and we all went to Wendy's for dinner (Sheridyn's favorite!) Then we came back to our house for root beer floats and presents. She got so spoiled as usual and she was so excited for every present. James and I got her a "Belle" dress up. She seriously has not taken it off since! The funnest part of the night is that Jaylee figured out that Sheridyn was getting all the attention and so she turned into a show off. She was laughing and smiling at everyone and every time Sheridyn would get out of her chair she would hurry and get in it. It was really funny she has never did that before. Then we played a fun game where I played princess music and when the music stopped whoever was holding the wand had to put on a dress up item. It was a lot of fun.
Then on Tuesday we had a "Princess party" for her friends. Everyone dressed up as princesses and we played pin the kiss on the frog, ate pizza and cake, painted out fingernails and made princess crowns. It was a blast. All of the cute little girls were so good and played together so nice. Sheridyn had a blast and everyone looked so cute.


The Andersens said...

What a cute fun princess party! I cant believe Sheridyn is 4! and how funny that Jaylee needed some attention too. So So cute.

MINDY SAVAGE and Kids said...

That was such a cute idea for a princess party.Thanks for inviting Lainie. She kept asking all day if it was time and weather or not she missed the party. She has not stopped talking about the party. She LOVED it!!!

The Bates said...

Love them! Such a fun party