Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Car

Wow March and April have been so busy! First of all I got a new car! I am so excited. It is a Hyundai Elantra and it is so much fun. I think my favorite thing is the push button start. I only have to have the keys within so many feet and I can open the door and start the car which makes it so I am never searching in my purse for the keys! It really is so awesome it has leather seats, sunroof, navigation, usb, bluetooth, back up camera, 40 mpg seriously everything you could ask for. I am so spoiled, I love it.
Another fun thing that happened is my little sister in law Sara got married in the SLC temple on the first of April. So we decided to make a trip out of it and go to the Hogle Zoo while we were up there. The girls absolutely loved it they had so much fun. Jaylee was fascinated by the monkeys and Sheridyn was so excited to see the giraffes and elephants. Sheridyn was sitting by the glass of one of the monkey exhibits and a little monkey swung right over to her and sat by her on the other side of the glass so we hurried and sat Jaylee there and got a cute pic of them. We saw a gorilla eating a phone book! WHAT. The other gorilla was playing peek-a-boo with his blanket. There was a tiger laying right up against the glass having a nap. We saw a baby elephant but I think the most memorable part of the zoo was when James dropped his sunglasses into the turtle exhibit. I searched everywhere for a zoo keeper and couldn't find one. So we got creative and he held Sheridyn upside down by her feet over the railing to grab the sunglasses!! I know crazy but there wasn't anything in there that could hurt her. It was pretty funny, wish I would have been fast enough to get a pic of that for ya!Sara and Stetson's wedding was beautiful, they are seriously the cutest couples. At the reception they did a little dance and Sheridyn and Jaylee were having a blast twirling and dancing the music with their cousins. It was really fun to have most of them together.
That weekend my brother-in-law Jason was driving his Dad's truck home and got in a really bad accident. His trucked rolled at least 4 times and the whole truck was seriously smashed except for where he was sitting! Jason miraculously walked away from the accident with a few bruises and a broken finger! He was so blessed to be alive, but sadly all of Sara's decorations for the Orderville reception were in the truck :( But the reception turned out beautiful, I know my mother-in-law was going crazy trying to get a new cake and things but it worked out and was great. I also go to meet my new niece Roxee. She is the cutest little thing ever! So we had a pretty crazy month to say the least but for the most part it was all good things!

Wedding pics were done by my brother-in-law Tyson Chappell. His website is

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jonni said...

Nice car! I still want to see it in person! The picture of your girls dancing together is so cute! Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun.