Friday, December 17, 2010

Dance Recital

Sheridyn had her dance recital for On Stage last night. She was so adorable!! She really did such a good job and she smiled and waved at us when she came out, it was so precious. My whole family and James parents and brother all came she had a whole cheering section. It was serious one of the highlights of my year. I was so proud of her she has no fear and just loves to get up there and perform.
We also went to East Elementary and saw Santa Claus. Sheridyn was so excited to tell him what she wanted for Christmas but then when he left she bawled because, "Santa didn't give me what I asked him for." I guess that is my bad, I should have explained more fully that we tell Santa what we want for Christmas and he brings it on Christmas Eve he doesn't give it to us right then. She was also worried about where he had left Rudolph. Jaylee was happy to see Santa and told him hi, she has been calling him "Ho Ho." But when he got to close she screamed and did not want to sit on his lap.


midRae said...

Sheridyn has the cutest smile ever. I can't believe how big she is getting. Your girls are so precious.

Lori said...

The dance recital seriously was one of my BEST highlights of the year also!!!! We haven't had anything that great happen for a while. Loved it to death! She really is a performer. I think you have another little performer on your hands too. Did you watch her dancing while she was watching Sheridyn? As for Santa, I was wishing that I wasn't running around so much so I could have enjoyed it more. Jaylee's first encounter was some what like Sheridyn's when she was little. ha ha Why does that not surprise me?