Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We just got back from an awesome 5 day trip to Dumont Sand Dunes in California. We go there every year for Presidents Day and enjoy the warm weather and camp on the sand dunes. This year was so much fun my whole family got to come this year. Mary and Casey Bates and their parents and Joey and Peter came. Ross and Mary came with their kids. The kids had a blast just playing in the sand and riding the little four wheeler around. Its really fun to go riding on the huge sand dunes and go buy fun things at the vendors and watch the rails got up Comp hill. It's such a rush to drive our Raptor up those huge sand hills at like 50 miles an hour. The weather was pretty decent we got a couple of wind storms and a little rain but for the most part the temperature was warm. The first night we were there the wind was blowing so hard we almost thought our toy hauler trailer was going to blow over. It was crazy but it made really nice smooth sand to ride on the next morning! We had a lot of fun it just went by way too fast and it was hard to come home from 60+ degrees temperature and sunny blue skies to the snow in Cedar City.
This was Sheridyn's first trip with her pink four-wheeler Santa Clause brought her. We have rode it several times around the neighborhood but this was the first time taking it out. She liked it but she's still learning to turn it by herself so we mostly just ride on the back of it with her.

The rhino ride would put them right to sleep.

The girls played with the sand for hours every day. They loved it!

Watching the jeep races on the top of the truck!
Wish we would have got all of us for this pic! This is the "north pole" down at Dumont. It's pretty stupid they have a mailbox and everything set up there but it's a good ride out to it.


Joleen said...

We had so much fun!!!! I'm glad we could come with you guys!!!!

The Andersens said...

What a fun trip! i love the picture of the girls asleep on the rhino! Too cute..

Laura said...

LOVE these pictures! Looks like you guys had a BLAST! Our kids fall asleep on the Rhino too - it's so relaxing! I also love the new pic of the girls at the top. :)