Monday, August 8, 2011

Jaylee is 2

Wow I am sooo behind! This summer has went by so fast and we have been enjoying every second we can. Which makes it impossible to find time to blog. After we came home from Hawaii we threw a luau for our family (and that Bates which are pretty much part of the fam) It was fun we all dressed Hawaiian we even got Casey in a sea shell bra! We had Kalua pork with pineapple salsa and other scrumptious treats. The girls looked so cute in their Hawaiian clothes we brought back for them.

A couple weeks later we went camping with James's brother Gerry and his family his mom and dad and my parents came up for a bit too. It was so much fun and relaxing. Sheridyn and Jaylee love their cousins and they had a blast playing together.

In July we did swimming lessons. It was so perfect at the SUU pool Sheridyn did her level 1 class and Jaylee and I did a mommy and me class right by them. So I could watch Sheridyn and swim with Jaylee at the same time. They both did so good. Jaylee loves the water ever since she was a baby I think she might be a little fish! It was really fun.

Sheridyn also did Tumbling classes in July and she loved it! She was actually pretty good too. Here is her bridge!

Also in July James's little brother got married in Tabiona! (Don't worry I didn't know where it was either!) It was really pretty and I think they will be really happy together. The next day we went swimming at James's uncles pool in Provo! Yes I said pool in Provo, and it was soooo nice! It had a waterslide and a waterfall you could jump off. Then back in the man made rock there were men and women restrooms with showers and everything. Next to it was a sweet gazebo with a huge fireplace and cooking area. It was the ultimate and we had a blast! This summer has turned out to be the summer of weddings! James's sister Sara got married in April then Jason and my little brother is getting married at the end of this month! CRAZY.

4th of July

At the end of July I had my 10 year reunion! We all went to the park with our families and had lunch then later that night we had a nice dinner as couples. It was fun, I just can't believe it's been 10 years!

Now to the reason I got on here to blog in the first place!! Jaylee turned 2 last week! So we had a "tutu" party. She was sooooo spoiled! She got a Barbie Jeep. Let me tell you why! I know she is not big enough to drive it herself but the weekend before her party we went camping up to the Red Desert with my family and all of the Bates family. It was so fun getting all of us together. Anyways Mary and Casey bought a Barbie jeep from her sister and brought it up there with us. Jaylee would NOT get out of the thing! She sat in it for hours just playing with her baby and pretending to drive. We had to pull her out of it to make her eat and sleep and she through the biggest fit! So we decided that that would buy her one for her birthday and guess what! She has been in the back yard sitting in it ever since. She LOVES it. She also got some cute clothes and books, a baby (which is the one that has to sit in the jeep with her), and Sheridyn got Jaylee a real gold fish named Bruce. We ate BBQ hamburgers and tutu cake! It was a fun birthday.

Today we went to Jaylee's 2 year old check up and guess what?!?!?! She is finally on the charts!! I can't tell you how excited I am to finally post that my little bean is in the 3%. YEAH We also got her ears pierced! She was so good, I thought she would fight me getting it done but I asked her if she wanted earrings like Sheridyn and she said "Ya" then I told her they would be hurt a little and she "ok". So we did it and they look so cute. She has a little pink diamond studs, they are adorable.

Sheridyn is getting her tonsils out on Thursday :( So there will be more posts to come.


Jamie said...

Love the big update! Cute pictures! Eliza is getting her tonsils out on the 1st. Hope everything goes well for Sheridyn on Thursday.

The Andersens said...

Cute cute pictures! You guys have been busy! I still can't believe are babies are all 2 this month!! Let's play soon!