Monday, March 7, 2011


This weekend we went snowmobiling up to our cabin. I was a little nervous about how the girls were going to act since this was their first snowmobiling trip, but they loved it! I think they are used to riding four-wheelers and the Rhino since pretty much birth so it didn't even faze them. In fact they both loved it so much they fell asleep on the ride. It was such a beautiful day up there and there was tons of snow at the cabin. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for letting us borrow the snowmobiles we made some great memories this weekend.

This is the back door to our cabin. Look at all the snow!

This is Jaylee all sprawled out when she fell asleep! She was out!


Colton said...

wow Jaylee looks like she was wrapped in a cocoon. No wonder she fell sound asleep. ha ha It is great seeing these pictures since I haven't been there this year yet to see the snow. Good-looking snowmobiles too!

Colton said...

oops! Colton didn't say that. I'm on Colton's computer. Mom

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Laura said...

Fun Fun Fun, Brittany! Looks like a blast! I have a picture just like that bottom one of Riley from about a year ago. :) Glad the girls did so well.